Talking about infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and precautions for use


Many companies in the market have higher requirements on the accuracy of the content test in castings. The infrared carbon sulfur analyzer is used to detect the content of various elements in cast iron. Our company mainly deals with spectrometers, carbon sulfur analyzers, etc., and the accuracy of several on-site inspection results.And precision has been recognized by customers.The following small series will briefly introduce you to the infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and its precautions:


Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer is used to detect the mass fraction of carbon and sulfur in steel, alloy and other materials. The integrated design of the whole machine improves the reliability of the instrument. Adopt dual CPU processing system--high-precision acquisition system, up to four times per second; switching power supply, strong anti-interference ability - platinum infrared light source, sufficient light energy - using aero-motor to modulate the light source signal, the signal is stable.

The infrared carbon sulfur analyzer is simpler to operate, has a short gas path distance, and has a short analysis time, which increases the stability of the test data. When the accuracy of the data reaches the national standard, the detection time is greatly shortened and the work efficiency is improved.

Precautions for use:

1. Be sure to close the arc burner before the analysis, otherwise it will easily burn the instrument.

2. If you find that the gas cylinder and the burette are not filled after preparation, pull out the electrodes of both to dry.

3. The oxygen pressure reducing valve should be controlled at about 0.04, and the arc furnace flow meter should be controlled between 80 and 120.

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