How to design a high quality carbon sulfur analyzer


Carbon and sulfur analyzers play an important role in testing carbon and sulfur in steel and various materials. In the process of designing and manufacturing, if the following requirements are met, the carbon and sulfur in the sample can be released to the utmost extent.element.


Structural modular design

The whole machine adopts modular design technology. The power system consists of two solid-state power modules, which are dust-proof, simple and reliable. The connection uses flat wire connectors instead of sockets, which improves the reliability of the whole circuit and the connection between the lines. Sexual and structural.

Pneumatic system

Using pneumatic principle, high-pressure ash discharge, automatic cleaning of the burner head, and heating of the burner head are designed to effectively reduce the influence of dust on sulfur element analysis.

High frequency furnace design

1. The output power of the high-frequency furnace is 2.5 kW. The air-cooled ceramic power tube is selected and operated in the derated state, which improves the stability of the power output and the life of the component.

2. The main vibration capacitor adopts vacuum ceramic capacitor with rated current up to 100 amps. It has extremely low dielectric loss and excellent stability, which effectively improves the reliability and stability of power output.

3. All metal couplings of high-frequency furnace adopt copper surface silver plating and anti-oxidation conductive film technology; adopt high-Q ferrite core coil; provide cooling air passage to enhance cooling fan power and improve thermal stability of power components .

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