How to choose a good quality spectrometer?


A spectrometer is a scientific instrument that decomposes complex light into a spectral line. It consists of a prism or a diffraction grating. The spectrometer can measure the light reflected from the surface of the object.

Spectrometer is a big instrument for enterprises, and one has to be used for many years. Data stability is the most important. It is not a long-lasting image plus imported equipment. It is recommended to consider carefully, the first performance, the second service,The last is the price.If you use it badly, whoever chooses it must take responsibility.Wuxi Tianmu Instrument specializes in the production of spectrometers. Xiaobian teaches you how to judge the quality of the spectrometer?


Use national spectral standards to make 10 consecutive points on different spectrometers to see its range or RSD.This type of data is called short-term stability, short-term stability.The smaller the value, the better the spectrometer is as short as possible.Because of the structure and principle of the spectrometer, everything is the same.All of the tungsten electrodes perform spark discharge on the metal sample, generate a composite spectrum, enter the beam splitting chamber through the lens, obtain the desired characteristic spectral line through the Pasing device, and convert the optical signal into an electrical signal by PMT or CCD or CMOS.Mathematical processing.What is finally displayed on the screen is the element content or light intensity.