Classification and application of spectrometers


The spectrometer is constructed from an entrance slit, a dispersion system, an imaging system and one or more exit slits.The cell radiation of the radiation source is separated by dispersion into the desired wavelength or wavelength region and intensity measurements are made at selected wavelengths.There are many types of spectrometers. Let's share the classification of spectrometers.


1. In addition to the spectrometer used in the visible light range, there are infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers.

2. According to the different dispersion components, it can be divided into Lingguang spectrometer, grating spectrometer and interference spectrometer.According to the detection method,

3. A spectrograph recorded by a light-receiving sheet of a spectroscope directly observed by an eye, and a spectrophotometer by a photoelectric or thermoelectric element.

The optical information is captured by a spectrometer, developed by photographic film, or computerized to automatically display numerical instrument display and analysis to detect what elements are contained in the article.This technology is widely used in the detection of air pollution, water pollution, food hygiene, and metal industries.

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