Introduction to infrared spectrometer


The two-color infrared light whose optical path difference changes at a certain speed is interfered with each other by using a Michaelson interferometer to form interference light, and then interact with the sample.The detector sends the resulting interference signal to a computer for mathematical processing of the Fourier transform.The accuracy of the spectrometer is mainly reflected in the precision and stability: the accuracy of the spectrometer, that is, the accuracy of the spectrometer is also called the reproducibility of the spectrometer.What are the characteristics of infrared spectrometers?Tianmu Instrument will share with you:


1. Only three beamsplitters can cover the sections from ultraviolet to far infrared;

2. Patent interferometer, continuous dynamic adjustment, high stability;

3. It can realize the combination of LC/FTIR, TGA/FTIR, GC/FTIR and other technologies;

4, smart accessories plug and play, automatic identification, automatic adjustment of instrument parameters;

5. The optical table is integrated and the main part is positioned on the needle without adjustment.

As an important analytical method, the spectral analysis method plays an important role in scientific research, production, quality control and so on.

Spectrometer is a big instrument for enterprises, and one has to be used for many years. Data stability is the most important. It is not a long-lasting image plus imported equipment. It is recommended to consider carefully, the first performance, the second service,The last is the price.If you don't use it well, you have to take it yourself. Whoever chooses it must take responsibility.Therefore, the above two are recommended, the quality is good, the service has its own merits, representing the highest level of the spectrometer industry.

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