CS9900 high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

CS9900 high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

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Instrument Name: High Frequency Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

Instrument model: CS-9900

Main features of the equipment

The CS-9900 high-frequency infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer is used with the GP-9900 high-frequency induction combustion furnace to quickly and accurately measure steel, iron, alloy, foundry core sand, non-ferrous metals, cement, ore, coke, The mass fraction of carbon and sulfur in catalysts and other materials. This equipment introduces advanced technology from abroad, and is a high-tech product integrating light, machine, electricity, computer and analytical technology. It has wide measuring range, strong anti-interference ability, complete functions, easy operation, accurate and reliable analysis results, etc. Features. Most of the components of the machine are imported, and the performance of the whole machine is comparable to that of imported products.

Infrared detection system

- Circuit design: The whole machine adopts dual CPU upper and lower position machine modular design, electronic circuit is highly integrated, stable and reliable; at the same time, multi-level concealed isolation circuit is adopted to completely solve high frequency interference.

- Power supply: Integrated linear module power supply with stable output and no faults.

- Light source: Imported platinum infrared light source, continuous heating, high spectral efficiency.

- Analytical pool: gold-plated carbon-sulfur analysis cell and high-precision pyroelectric infrared detector (up to 10-11) to ensure signal stability.

-Motor: A special-purpose motor for aviation, with good thermal stability and continuous service life of more than 100,000 hours.

High frequency combustion system

- High-frequency circuit: high-power high-frequency circuit design, using 7.5KVA high-frequency power tube (actual power is greater than 2.7KVA, can be burned without sample), reduce the load of high-frequency combustion system and improve service life.

- High-frequency control circuit: automatic detection of solenoid valve, lifting cylinder and high-frequency working conditions, automatic obsolescence, over-current alarm, to protect the high-frequency furnace in normal state.

- Airway: High-precision electronic flow controller and imported pneumatic system (solenoid valve, pipe joint, lifting cylinder) ensure stable airflow and automatic leak detection.

- Double calibration of solid and gas mark.

- Dust removal system: burner heating and automatic cleaning device to reduce the impact of dust on the analysis results; imported ash discharge system.

- 0.4 micron ultra-microporous metal filter to ensure complete separation of dust and gas.

-Adjust the furnace temperature with current/voltage/power/selection method, suitable for samples of different materials.

Random software

-WINDOWS XP full Chinese operation interface, easy to operate, easy to master;

- The program is compiled with Deliph software;

-The upper and lower machines use USB2.0 interface communication, which greatly improves the communication speed;

-Infrared detection and high frequency furnace are connected by optical fiber to prevent high frequency interference;

- The software provides a multi-user management system, and different user rights can be set by the administrator;

- Provide channel management function, carbon and sulfur channels can be added, deleted and edited by themselves, without limit;

- Provide sample management function to edit sample name and logo, and add and delete sample names;

- The analysis results are stored in the ACCESS database, which stores all data and curves for each analysis of carbon and sulfur;

- The results of the analysis are arbitrarily queried, and can be queried according to time, operator, sample name, logo, etc.;

- Switch diagnostic function, which can detect the sealing of the burner and the air chamber by software;

- The generation of carbon sulfur working curve can be realized by software and curve fitting is performed;

- a curve box of carbon and sulfur, dynamically showing the real-time data and carbon and sulfur release curves during the analysis;

- Analyze process dynamic data integration, 24 samples per second, improving the sensitivity and accuracy of the analysis;

- Diversified print modes, providing two print modes for laboratories and test stations, and designing print formats by themselves;

-The software is fully functional, providing functions such as curve/data storage, blank subtraction, parameter setting, channel selection, mathematical statistics, result correction, curve comparison, etc.

- Up to four channels of sampling, can be switched in any of the four detection pools of carbon, low carbon, sulfur and high sulfur;

- Pressure regulation and flow control can be implemented by software.

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Application areas:


Auto parts processing, approach testing


Rapid detection before furnace in metallurgy industry


Product quality control


Metal processing, machinery manufacturing


Colleges and universities, quality supervision, import and export commodity inspection

Power requirement
Good grounding voltage AC220V±5%; frequency 50Hz±2%
Analysis time
20-60 seconds adjustable, usually around 35 seconds
Working environment
Indoor temperature: 10-30 ° C; relative humidity: less than 90%