Spectrometer 998T

Spectrometer 998T

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TM-998T floor-standing full-spectrum direct-reading spectrum analyzer is our company's introduction of European technology production. It is the most advanced internationally recognized second-generation CCD spectrometer technology, widely used in metallurgy, foundry, machinery, automobile manufacturing, aerospace,Production process control in the field of weapons, metal processing, etc., pre-furnace testing, central laboratory inspection of finished products.The instrument is small in size, good in stability, low in detection limit, fast in analysis, low in operating cost, convenient in operation and maintenance, and is an ideal choice for controlling product quality.

Technical advantages:

1. The world's advanced second-generation CCD full-spectrum spectroscopy manufacturing technology, the channel can be unrestricted;

2. Introduce European technology and synchronize with international spectrometer technology;

3, using vacuum type constant temperature light chamber, stable, reliable, maintenance-free; no longer use small double-light room design to solve the technical problems of long and short wave elements;

4. There is no need for fees for channel changes and increases within the scope of the substrate;

5, upgrade multi-base is convenient, no need to change the hardware;

6, excellent data stability, analysis of different time periods of the same sample, can obtain good data consistency;

7, small size, light weight, easy to move and install;

8, high integration, high reliability, high stability;

9. Power saving, material saving and energy consumption are only 50% of ordinary spectrometers.

Main feature:

1, can be measured including traces of carbon (C), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S) elements, suitable for a variety of metal substrates, such as: iron-based, aluminum-based, copper-based, nickel-based, chromium-based, titanium-based, Magnesium, zinc, tin and lead based. Full-spectrum technology covers the full-element analysis range, and channel elements can be selected according to customer needs;

2, the analysis speed is fast, the elemental components of all channels are measured within 20 seconds. For different analytical materials, by setting the pre-ignition time and marking, the instrument can achieve the best analysis effect in the shortest time;

3. The optical system adopts vacuum constant temperature light chamber. The arc flame generated during excitation is directly introduced into the vacuum light chamber by the lens, which realizes the light path through, eliminates the optical path loss, improves the detection limit, and has accurate measurement results, reproducibility and long-term stability. good;

4, the special light chamber structure design, the vacuum chamber volume is smaller, the vacuuming speed is less than half of the ordinary spectrometer;

5. Automatic optical path calibration, the optical system automatically performs spectral line scanning to ensure the correctness of reception and eliminate the cumbersome peak scanning work. The instrument automatically recognizes a specific spectral line, compares it with the original storage line, determines the drift position, and finds the current pixel position of the analysis line for measurement;

6, open electrode holder design, sample holder can be adjusted to facilitate sample analysis of various shapes and sizes;

7. The working curve adopts international standard samples, and the working curve is pre-made. It can be extended and extended according to the needs. Each curve is generated by up to dozens of standard samples, and the interference is automatically deducted.

8, HEPS digital solid-state light source, adapt to a variety of different materials;

9. Solid-state adsorption trap to prevent oil and gas from polluting the light chamber and improve long-term operation stability;

10, copper spark table base, improve heat dissipation and robust performance;

11. Reasonable argon gas path design, which shortens the argon gas rinsing time when the sample is excited, saves argon gas for the user, and the argon gas consumption is less than half of that of the ordinary spectrometer;

12, using tungsten material electrode, the electrode has a longer service life, and the electrode self-purging function is designed to clean the electrode more easily;

13. High-performance DSP and ARM processor, with ultra-high-speed data acquisition and control functions and automatic real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of the light chamber temperature, vacuum, argon pressure, light source system and control system;

14. Ethernet connection between instrument and computer, anti-interference performance is good, external computer upgrade has nothing to do with instrument configuration, so that the instrument has better applicability;

15. The core components are all imported, which guarantees the excellent quality of the instrument.

Technical Parameters:


Application areas:


Auto parts processing, approach testing


Rapid detection before furnace in metallurgy industry


Product quality control


Metal processing, machinery manufacturing


Colleges and universities, quality supervision, import and export commodity inspection

After sales service:

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Focal length grating
350  mm
Host size
800*750*500 mm