Spectrometer 998Z

Spectrometer 998Z

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TM-998Z instrument features:

1, 750mm focal length grating design, Pa-Longge device, high vacuum, high resolution, high sensitivity and so on. Since the engraved grating can produce a higher order spectrum, the line selection is more flexible, thereby avoiding spectral interference.

2, the instrument structure design is reasonable, the electronic system uses international standard cage, high integrated circuit design, low failure rate.

3. The analysis speed is fast, the repeatability is good, and the stability is good.

4. Using a highly stable excitation source, the excitation frequency varies between 150 and 500 Hz. Different samples can be analyzed and different excitation parameters can be selected to achieve the best analysis results.

5. Highly integrated acquisition and control system with high degree of automation.
6. It adopts imported photomultiplier tube, which has the characteristics of small dark current, high signal to noise ratio and long service life.

7. Analyze the scanning process to scan all the elements at the same time. The scanning process is simple, and the deviation of each element from the matrix element can be quickly analyzed.

8. During the process of exciting the sample, there is no need to perform water cooling on the excitation stage, and continuous analysis of the sample can also achieve better data.

9. The measurement and control system adopts the measurement and control of the single board machine, and exchanges data with the host computer to improve the running speed.

10. The computer software is used to adjust the negative voltage of the photomultiplier tube of each channel, and the negative voltage of the channel is adjusted by 8 steps, thereby greatly improving the utilization of the channel and analyzing the optimal linear range of the spectral line in the analysis of different materials. Reduce the number of channels used and reduce costs.

11, can be used for a variety of matrix analysis: Fe, Co, Cu, Ni, Al, Pb, Mg, Zn, Sn and so on.

12, using the operating software under the pure Chinese Windows system, the operation is simple and easy to understand.

13. The computer software has a database system, which is convenient for querying and printing measurement data, and can also transmit data remotely through the network, which is convenient and quick.

14. Each system is independently powered and composed of units, which is easy to use and easy to maintain.

15. The optical part constant temperature measure is used to ensure the normal operation of the instrument, thus reducing the environmental requirements.

16. High-precision linear motor is used for seam scanning, which is fast and accurate.

17. Use the overall exit slit to increase the channel.

Product parameter table:


Operation interface:


Element line trace


Standard database


Standard curve production


Analysis channel and wavelength


Measurement process

Application areas:


Auto parts processing, approach testing


Rapid detection before furnace in metallurgy industry


Product quality control


Metal processing, machinery manufacturing


Colleges and universities, quality supervision, import and export commodity inspection

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About 550Kg
Better than 0.01nm
Focal length grating
Excitation frequency
Line range
160nm ~ 800nm