CS-988A high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

CS-988A high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

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Instrument Name: High Frequency Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
Instrument model: CS-988A type
main feature

(1) The inside of the high-frequency induction combustion furnace adopts a frame structure, which is arranged in three layers.

The upper layer is the high frequency oscillation part, the middle layer is the control circuit, and the lower layer is the high voltage power supply system.

1. High frequency oscillation part:

1. High-frequency furnace main vibration system We use high-power 7.5KVA air-cooled ceramic electronic tube, and make it work in derating state, the actual use power is about 2.7KVA, which greatly improves the stability of heating power. Sex and component life.

2. The main vibration capacitor uses a vacuum capacitor with a rated current of 100A. It has small size, extremely low dielectric loss and excellent stability, which effectively improves the reliability of the instrument and the stability of power output.

3. All metal connectors in the high-frequency part are made of copper surface silver plating and anti-oxidation technology, which makes the device connection under high power completely get rid of the occasional technical problems of contact failure and contact sparking.

4. There is a cooling air duct with enhanced cooling fan. The cooling axial flow fan is imported from the original device, and the 24-hour uninterrupted aging test is carried out from the date of purchase and storage of the device, which effectively ensures the thermal stability of the high-power components.

Designed a computer controlled digital program temperature module and analysis software. Users can freely and flexibly set the optimum power and rising and cooling speeds for different samples, which greatly improves the reliability of analyzing carbon and sulfur conversion rates in various types, different structures and different content samples.

6. In terms of safety control, we have an automatic obsolete/overcurrent alarm system to ensure that the high frequency furnace always operates in a normal and reliable working state.

2. Control circuit

1. The pneumatic control system adopts the original solenoid valve of the world famous pneumatic component company Taiwan Yadeke to ensure the working stability and reliability of the gas path. And in the software compilation, a set of applicable functions that can automatically detect leaks and segmentation leak detection is designed, and the sealing of the gas path can be conveniently checked in real time to ensure the reliability of the analysis results.

3. High voltage power supply system

The high-voltage power supply system is separately sealed in a box and shielded to ensure the operator's personal safety. At present, some domestic counterparts are still using a rectifier circuit assembled by four discrete rectifier diodes, which not only has a high failure rate, but is also extremely unsafe. Our high-voltage rectifiers use integrated module products that integrate discrete components into a single device that is long-lasting and safe.

4. The burner adopts the most advanced automatic cleaning device in China. The operator can press the “cleaning” button to complete the dust deposition treatment of the instrument, which is convenient and quick. At the same time, we set up multiple hardware devices for filtering dust, using a 0.4 micron ultra-microporous metal filter and using imported felt technology to completely separate the dust from the gas system. And you can carry out daily cleaning and maintenance work without the need to purchase an ultrasonic cleaner to achieve the purpose of repeated use. We have a filtering and purifying device for analyzing gas, which solves the problem of interference of sulfur in the determination of sulfur by "crystallization water" in moisture, especially in some special samples. In addition, an oxygen purification device is provided, which can filter and purify industrial oxygen, eliminating the need for users to purchase high-purity oxygen and reducing the cost of use.

The high-frequency induction heating part based on the above techniques and features makes the preliminary separation of some special materials easy and simple, so that the conversion process from solid to gaseous is faster and the conversion rate is higher, so that some special materials can be used. Do accurate quantitative analysis. In addition to some conventional steel sample analysis, it can also measure the mass fraction of carbon and sulfur in cement, ore, glass, sand, leaves and other materials.

(2) The carefully designed infrared detection device is divided into upper and lower layers.

1. Start with the structure. The electronic circuit and hardware are layered and isolated. The detection pool is sealed in a galvanized box with constant temperature and steady flow device to completely eliminate the interference of external temperature and noise on the detection part. And the push-pull structure plus anti-seismic technology is convenient for maintenance.

2. The main components of the infrared detection part are imported parts. A pyroelectric infrared detector originally imported from lithium niobate material. The light source is a platinum infrared light source imported from American Lectra, which can be heated to 800 ° C, with continuous heating and high spectral characteristics. Carbon and sulfur detection pipelines are made of 24K gold-plated gold-plated tubes. The mirrors are made of rare metal and gold-plated technology, which makes the signal collection and processing have strong hardware guarantee. The imported high-efficiency narrow-band infrared filter has accurate center-wavelength positioning accuracy, which can better shield the interference of other element lines and completely eliminate the interference of high carbon on the background absorption of low-sulfur analysis. The modulation system adopts a high-precision aviation-specific modulation motor controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. The stability of the modulation frequency ensures that the signal fluctuates within a very small range, and the thermal stability is good, and the continuous service life can reach more than 100,000 hours.

3. The power supply system of the infrared part adopts the integrated module integrated linear power supply which we design and commissioned the Beijing military industry Chaoyang power processing, which has superior performance and high stability. At present, many domestic similar products still use the traditional power supply mode in the program control system, and hundreds of discrete components such as transformers, rectifier bridges, capacitors, etc. are manually assembled and welded to form a complicated control circuit board power supply system. Due to the complexity of the originals and the large number of boards, the failure rate is inevitably high. And our equipment uses a modular integrated power supply for military products, and hundreds of discrete components are simplified to be controlled by one original. The gap between the two can be imagined.

4. Signal Acquisition Processing We chose Texas Instruments' latest four-channel, high-speed, 24-bit A/D converter, the ADS1224. 24-bit resolution, 24 samples per second. At present, most domestic carbon and sulfur manufacturers still use traditional IC products, such as ADC0809, more used ICL7135 and so on. The resolution of these two traditional chips is 4 and a half, and the other is 8 bits. The difference from our 24-bit is not an order of magnitude.

The analysis accuracy and speed of the whole set of carbon-sulfur equipment mainly depend on the analog-to-digital conversion and sampling. Without the support of the highest version of hardware and software, it is really difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the analysis.

In addition, our boards are equipped with a large area of copper grounding layout to enhance the anti-interference ability. Its components use surface mount technology and fully automatic welding technology, which greatly improves the reliability of the measurement and effectively reduces the failure rate of the instrument.

Fourth, the first domestic fiber optic isolation transmission

During the high-frequency combustion of high-frequency circuits for several tens of seconds, the high-frequency oscillating electromagnetic waves will strongly interfere with the peripheral electronic circuits through conduction and radiation. This interference causes logic errors in the electronic circuits, especially for amplified signals. A piece of influence is particularly serious. Some high-frequency carbon and sulfur will have irregular blank values and even flood the normal data when doing ultra-low content. Usually, this type of equipment uses old-fashioned transmission methods, which are transmitted by wires. Effectively isolates electromagnetic waves and creates a source of interference to the detection section.

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Application areas:


Auto parts processing, approach testing


Rapid detection before furnace in metallurgy industry


Product quality control


Metal processing, machinery manufacturing


Colleges and universities, quality supervision, import and export commodity inspection








University high school


Testing facility

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Power requirement
Good grounding voltage AC220V±5%; frequency 50Hz±2%
Analysis time
20-300 seconds adjustable
Working environment
Indoor temperature: 10-30 ° C; relative humidity: less than 90%